Quality Control


Process Control Process Control

  • 01 Covering

    The process of mixing and radiating the tread is adjusted to the characteristics of each product.

  • 02Knitting

    The glove manufacturing process of knitting the internal skin gloves of coated gloves with the automatic glove knitting m/c.

  • 03Coating

    The knitted gloves are placed on artificial hands and moved up and down, left and right along the automatic coating lines.

  • 04Insepection

    The quality control process is achieved through internal tests done on randomly selected products

  • 05Overlocking

    The final machining process consists of inserting rubber bands into the wrist part of the gloves in order to provide good wearability and flexibility.

  • 06Screen Print

    After drying, the logo and other needed symbols are automatically printed on the external part of the coated gloves by screen printing machines.

  • 07Packing

    The process of packing the produced gloves into polybags is done by automatic packaging machines.