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Shinsung Major Glove recruits the ambitious talent who can unite with all staffs, can always get together like a family, and actively gives a challenge with the international view and capability in the globally competitive environment.

The right people

  • Challenges and passion

    A staff makes a steady effort to master the knowledge with the passion for the company and the job as the talent to open the future with creativity and will.

  • Cooperation for synergy

    A staff freely shares the key values with the respect and thoughtfulness for others on the basis of the manipulation in the information age and the specialyt of the individual job.

  • Creative Market Cultivation

    A staff promotes the creative change in itself and others by checking customer needs and finding out the plan needed to meet the needs.

How To Apply

  • There is no restriction on the job application form (resume and autobiography), it is possible to use the application form of our company
  • In case of using the application form of our company. download and prepare it.
  • The job applicatoin form can be submitted only by e-mail.
  • in case of submitting the job application form, be sure to ut down the application area, e-mail, and contact information
  • The submitted documents are not returned. The personal Information on the documents is protected.

Inquiry on job application

  • E-mail :
  • Staff in Charge : Jeong, In Hwa, General Affairs Dept. (061-759-5222)

Recruitment Process

  • Job application
  • Document screening
  • Interview
  • Hands-on work test
  • Final selection