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Our Technology

Gauntlet glove Gauntlet golve

  • The work of handing abrasion, dangerous chemical substances, and liquid substances
  • Protecting hands inthe violent work site around contanminated substances
  • Absorbing swear well with the 100% internal skin
  • Oil-Proof

    Oil doesn't permeate into the coated surface treated with the specially treated foam so that safe oil work is ensured.
  • Flecibility

    It is coated with the soft foam so that it has excellent wearability
  • Frictional Force

    The surface is treated doubly so that there is no slipping with the excellent grip.
  • Comfortableness

    It consists of the internal skin with excellent flexibility so that it ensures the free hand movement.


The fully NBR-coated gauntlet is made of the 100% internal skin of wool and Acrylontrille Butadiene Rubber.
The product provides the excellent wearability and the outstanding swear absorption.
The coated part protects hands in teh violent work site around contaminated substances, ensures safety with the excellent grip felling during work, and protects hands during the abrasion and other liquid work


item number SMNG001
materials NBR, NBR foam cotton/poly
gauge 13G
size L, XL
length 30cm