Our Technology

Our Technology

Basalt Thread glove Basalt Thread glove

  • The tradtional UHMWPE(HPPE) has the CUT 4 or lower cutting resistance during glove knitting. Accordingly. in order to make the CUT 5 or higher cutting-resistant gloves. the S-glass and the stainless steel fiber must be added for knitting.
  • The S-glass and the stainless steel fiber are replaced with the basalt microfilament to overcome the environment-replaced problem. The CUT 5 cutting resistance is realized with the relatively cheap product.
  • Completely replaced the expensive UHMWPE, the S-glass, and the stainess steel fiber
  • Excellent flexibility and the bare-bare-hands feeling felt due to thinness and lightness
  • Environment-friendliness

  • high heat resistance

  • excellent alkali resistance

  • CUT 5 or higher cutting resistance, and tensile strength

  • Excellent Fastness and Abrasion Resistance

Basalt Fiber

  • Basalt : It is the stone hardeded on the ground with lava ejection and is the igneous rock with about the half containing SiO2
  • Basalt Fiber : Made by melting. radating, and fiberizing the basalt
  • Spotlighted as the glass free new substance in Russia, USA, Canada, and Europe