Quality Control


vision 2020 Vision 2020

VISION 2020 : The technicaliztion strategy for jumping to the world's top company in the company in the industrial special gloves industry

Jumping to the world's top company in the industrial special gloves industry in 2020
  • The company realizing customer satisfaction
  • The technology leading company developing environment-friendly new materials
  • The excellent company securing the stable production infra and maintaining the superb quality control
  • Providing the customer-oriented production, quality, and service [industrial safety first]
  • Realizing the claim zero through the quality and management innovation
  • Establishing the technical cooperation system [establishing the industry-university cluster] for developing the environment-friendly new technology
  • Developing the high value-added technology and product through targeting the investment at R&D
  • Developing the innovation the manufacturing process system for the efficiency of the production processes

Developing the mid-and long-term technology

  • Developing the coated gloves for industrial safety
    • The PU-. MBR- and Latex-coated gloves
    • The gloves with the special thread materials(Dyneema, Kevlar, etc)
  • Developing the materials with the growth technology
    • The Foam NBR-coated gloves
    • Double NBR Guntlet
  • Developing the materials with the environment-friendly internal technology
    • Developing the super PE and environment-friendly complex thread(the basail thread gloves)
    • The GripMaster coaled gloves
    • The water-based gloves
  • Developing the advanced materials
    • Developing the product with complex materials
    • The PHA(Poly Hydroxy Alkanoates) product manutacturing technology
    • The product for sports and leisure
    Developing the automated process technology
  • Creating the infra for the technical growth
  • Leading the innovative technology,
    diversifying the products
  • Leading the innovative technology,
    diversifying the products




the quality Vision 2020 for customer satisfaction

Quality Vision Challenging the customer claim zero / reducing the defact cost by 30%[2010]
Quality Goal
  • Maximizing the customer satisfaction by securing the quality competitiveness
  • Reducing the defect rate and realizing the cost reduction through the steady innovation
  • Establishing the technology and quality standardization system
Quality Strategy Enhancing the quality mind-Production innovation, scientific thought, and principles observation Spreading the total quality mind such as R&D quality, manufacturing support, production, and management support
Securing the qualitative and quantitative capability throug the cultivation of quality control specialists
Quality Infra Developing the claim zero system manual-Quality atandard guidetines and operating instructions Establishing the quality strategy project operating system-System building. Qc, education, and evaluation
Steadily providing the eduction on the cost reduction and enhancement of quality competitiveness in case of the reduction of defects by 0.1%
Performing the quality innovation movement by proposing the steady improvement on 4M and reporting the improvement effects [Man / Machine / Material / Method]