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Electro static dissipative !

Nylon / Copper white PU finger tip coated gloves

Product Description

Nylon/ Copper liner is made of acrylic fiber based on acrylonitrile(AN) reacted with CuSO4, and chemically combined with compounds such as CN, Cu, S to contain the anti-static effect (conductivity : 10^-1 ~ 10^-2 Ω ․ ㎝), and this conductivity is stable of mechanical friction and chemical reaction.When a small amount of copper is mixed with other fibers, the mixed fiber will show the excellent anti-static effect and outstanding functions such as antibacterial, deodorization and thermal accumulation.
Gloves are washable offering good breathability and durability protecting skin.
The gloves are perfect for assembly such as electronic appliances like TV, computer, audio, and precise work such as repairing products, video file handling, CD, photo making work.

Product Information

Knit twisting threads nylon and copper fiber together Non-slipping with PU finger tip coating
Anti-electrostatic light, thin and wearable
Dust and lint free Reusable
Preventing scratches and fingerprints Breathable and protecting skin

Product Specifications

Item Number SM-802
Materials Nylon , Copper, Polyurethane
Gauge 13G
Size S(6), M(7), L(8), XL(9), XXL(10)
Length S : 220mm, M : 230mm, L : 240mm, XL: 250mm, XXL : 260mm (Tolerance ±5mm)
Palm length S : 75mm, M : 85mm, L : 95mm, XL: 105mm, XXL : 115mm (Tolerance ±5mm)