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PU TOP Coated

White Nylon white PU TOP coated gloves

Product Description

100% elastic nylon liner with PU finger tip coated gloves give a close yet flexible fit to the hand, making it easy to manipulate even the smallest items. And the polyurethane coating provides good grip in dry condition and has good abrasion and durability so that the gloves are reusable
Gloves are excellent choice for precise work, inspection, accounting, packing, and manual assembly.

Product Information

PU finger tip coating Ideal for precise manual work
Outstanding dexterity, thin and light wear Excellent durability, Reusable

Product Specifications

Item Number SM-202
Materials Nylon, Polyurethane
Gauge 13G
Size S(6), M(7), L(8), XL(9), XXL(10)
Length S : 220mm, M : 230mm, L : 240mm, XL: 250mm, XXL : 260mm
Palm length S : 75mm, M : 85mm, L : 95mm, XL: 105mm, XXL : 115mm (Tolerance ±5mm)