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Nylon liner gloves

Product Description

100% elastic nylon gloves offers excellent breathability and encourages your workforce to protect their hands, as the gloves can be worn comfortably all day without perspiration.
Durable, reusable and ideal for inspection, packing, precise assembly line.

Product Information

Excellent dexterity Close to bare hands with lightweight and thin
Good breathability Durable and reusable

Product Specifications

Item Number SM-200
Materials Nylon
Gauge 13G
Size S(6), M(7), L(8), XL(9), XXL(10)
Length S : 220mm, M : 230mm, L : 240mm, XL: 250mm, XXL : 260mm (Tolerance ±5mm)
Palm length S : 75mm, M : 85mm, L : 95mm, XL: 105mm, XXL : 115mm (Tolerance ±5mm)